Harlequins announce new partnership with Hunter Field

Harlequins have announced a new partnership with Hunter Field. The collaboration brings together two British brands with rich histories. Hunter was founded in 1856, 10 years before the formation of Harlequins, and is a company steeped in tradition yet one that remains a modern icon.

An exclusive iteration of Hunter’s iconic Balmoral boots for both men and women has been created to celebrate the partnership, with the Harlequins iconic logo printed onto the inside lining and team colours on the outside strap.

Harlequins’ Commercial Director, Alexandra Goldschmidt, said: “Hunter is a great partnership for the Club. This represents an authentic collaboration between two iconic brands.

“At Harlequins we are ambitious and innovative in everything we do. Like Hunter we have a great heritage but are continuously looking to progress. This will be a good partnership with a lot of exciting opportunities ahead for Harlequins and Hunter.”

Hunter’s Creative Director, Alasdhair Willis, said: “We have enjoyed a long history of being worn on rugby touchlines across the country and now we have a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the one of the world’s most respected and recognised clubs. The partnership enables us to directly engage the global rugby community with Hunter Field, a vital part of the brand’s heritage and the home to our most technical footwear offer.”

Source & Image : www.quins.co.uk

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