Huddersfield Giants partner with Legal Studio

Legal Studio, soliciters and legal firm based in Leeds, have signed on as a club partner and sponsor of the Giants Business Club for the 2019 Season.

John James, Soliciter at Legal Studio, said: “Legal Studio was created in 2013 by solicitors who recognised that the legal sector had failed to innovate and keep pace with other industries, and that the imagination and enterprise of lawyers was being stifled. The public perception of lawyers as fat-cat guardians of a secret art is the consequence of the sector’s failure to keep up with the times. Both clients and solicitors should expect better.

“Legal Studio is the law firm that is not a law firm. Our goal is to provide specialist solicitors with the freedom to tailor their services according to specific clients’ needs. Our clients benefit from instructing solicitors who are not required to meet specific targets or to be bound by inflexible conditions. You are more likely to find us wearing jeans than suits. Our solicitors benefit from the flexibility to choose how, when and where they work, and so do our families!”

“Yorkshire is the nation’s sporting heartland, and the Huddersfield Giants exemplify our region’s special blend of sport, community and reach. We have been impressed by the community-led focus of the brand, and this aligns very well with Legal Studio’s goal of ensuring that people are always our bottom line.”

“Legal Studio are excited to be associated with the Giants’ combination of positive community-led brand and Super League exposure. We believe this is a two-way street: we have a responsibility to ensure that the Giants and its affiliates benefit from our specialist services and it is very much our intention to be a hands-on partner. We look forward to working with the Giants to help us both convey a strong, positive brand across the region. We also aim to see some great matches along the way!”

Brian Blacker, Commercial Manager at the Huddersfield Giants, said: “We are looking forward to the partnership between Legal Studio and Huddersfield Giants, and proud to have such a innovative and imaginative firm associated with our club. We share similar aims and ethos, surrounding community and high-level expertise in our field.

“Having a partner invested in us, the region and the community benefits both parties and ensures that both can grow in the future – we are hugely excited about this partnership.”

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