Belfast City Council provide equipment for female rugby clubs


Ulster Rugby and Belfast City Council have been able to provide their female Belfast rugby clubs with over £1000 worth of new equipment each.

This will assist the clubs as they continue to grow through the support of Sport Northern Ireland’s National Lottery-funded Every Body Active 2020 programme. Through this programme, the development of (name clubs) has been clear, as they have all seen growth in membership.

From the Every Body Active 2020 programme starting in 2016, there has been several after-school programmes being run that has helped feed female participants into the local rugby clubs. As well as this, Ulster Rugby has partnered with the local clubs to run a variety of Rugby Blitz Days, which are held at each of the clubs. These have also helped to bring new female participants to the sport.

Another huge benefit of the Every Body Active 2020 funding is the continued provision of Female Participation Officer, Neve Jones, whose role is to work specifically with females within the Belfast City Council boundary.

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