Sharks Community Trust team up with Cadent


Sharks Community Trust has teamed up with Cadent, the UK’s biggest gas distribution network, to help promote greater awareness around mental health. The Trust has announced its ‘Balls to That’ programme will return to the company’s Liverpool depot following successful starter sessions.

Workers from a gas distribution network with a site in Liverpool are set to benefit from a groundbreaking mental health programme focused on helping workplaces across the North West.

In line with World Mental Health Day 2019, the UK’s biggest gas distribution network, Cadent, has announced plans to roll out the ‘Balls to That’ project across all of its regional depots before the end of the year.

Led by Sharks Community Trust – the charitable arm of Sale Sharks Rugby Club, the announcement comes following successful introductory sessions, where company employees were encouraged to speak openly about their own mental health.

The sessions were hailed a success by more than 200 workers who took part with 96 per cent of participants saying they had a better understanding of the signs of poor mental health, and 95 per cent feeling better equipped to improve their own mental wellbeing.

Balls to That is led by Afghanistan war veteran Craig Monaghan, who shared his experience of struggling with post-service life with Cadent employees to help them better understand the signs and symptoms of poor mental health.

The impact of the project shows the importance of dealing with mental health within all types of workplaces, says Project Lead Craig Monaghan.

He said: “We’re delighted to have had a massively positive reception from Cadent employees, which shows how valuable mental health awareness is in high pressure and often isolating job environments.

“Extending the project with further sessions at Cadent is a brilliant way to mark World Mental Health Day and will continue to give participants the know-how to deal with both their own and others’ mental health all year round, as well as the confidence to speak openly about the issue.

“After my career in the army I struggled to deal with the transition to civilian life, and a programme like Balls to That would have made a big difference during that difficult time.”

The partnership between Cadent and Sharks Community Trust is part of a wider commitment from the company to promote physical and mental wellbeing across its workforce.

Jenny Moten, Network Director, North West, added: “Having seen the important work that the Sharks Community Trust carries out, and with mental health a high-profile topic at the top of the agenda for a lot of companies in our industry and many others right now, we jumped at the chance to bring Balls to That to Cadent.

“The project gives our employees the chance to get together and talk, when day-to-day our front-line engineers in particular can sometimes find themselves alone or with limited company, and often in high-pressure situations.

“As a result, individuals across our sites already have a better understanding of mental health and as an organisation, and we’re proud to be continuing it as part of our commitment to investing in our people and our culture to benefit everyone.”

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