Rovers Supporters Ground fund wrestle room

The Hull Kingston Rovers Academy has boosted its training procedures thanks to the outstanding contribution of the Rovers Supporters Group.

Helping to fund a new ‘wrestle room’ with over 20 pads almost 7ft tall, the now multi-purpose Budget Tyres Robins Nest bar will be used by all teams for work on their wrestle and tackling techniques.

Lesley McNichol, from the Rovers Supporters Group, spoke about their intentions and how they plan to help the club continue to go from strength to strength.

“It all started through a conversation with John Bastian. His focus was the academy and he just had a buzz about him with so many plans. Our mission statement was always to help fund and strengthen the playing squad, and we decided we’d include the new academy,” said Lesley.

“We had a chat and he mentioned the contact room and that everybody could use it, from the Learning Disability team to the youngsters. It’s all encompassing and the potential payback for the club is going to be brilliant. There was no second thought and we said that we will help with all that we can.

“This year we have increased the membership so it’s now £10 per year. We have three main objectives, which are to provide events for Hull KR supporters, to improve communication between the supporters and the club, but predominantly to raise funds for team strengthening at all levels.

“We’re doing four fundraisers a year, the next one will be a joint ex-players and RSG Race night, from which 50% of everything we raise will go towards Mose Masoe’s fund, with the other 50% to the RSG.

“It’s vital that we have an academy. We slid backwards without that grassroots level and the kids coming through the schools and community teams. You need local players playing for your local club and I think it’s apparent now we’ve got young hungry players coming in.”

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