Castleford Tigers launch ‘Tigers Home Point’

Castleford Tigers have launched a programme to help the most vulnerable and in need people across the district. 

‘Tigers Home Point’ programme will see food packs delivered to the over 70’s and highly vulnerable individuals amid the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In connection with Tigers’ sponsors, Motorpoint, ‘Tigers Home Point’ will use fresh produce from the Motorpoint café on Whistler Drive in Castleford as well as Motorpoint staff to drop off parcels and check on the safety and wellbeing of recipients. The service will be available from Monday, March 23 onwards.

Castleford Tigers Community Director, Simon Fox, said: “Many people are finding this an extremely stressful time, never before seen in our lifetime. It is vital that where we can and factoring in the right safety measures for all, we provide direct help for those desperately in need. As a club, we are united with our fan base and community and with that in mind have held rapid and timely dialogue with Motorpoint to meet this unparalleled challenge. They have been very generous in providing direct support. Their café staff, delivery drivers and vehicles will be making drop-offs very shortly and we would ask the wider community to join us by informing us of any individuals they feel would benefit from the food packs.”

Motorpoint Castleford General Manager, Chris Goodison, added: “This is a time of unity and as a local business we want to support people as much as we can across the Five Towns. The team at Motorpoint are understandably very keen to give a helping hand. We will be putting everything together in house in our sterile, clean and health-conscious kitchens and our drivers will make home deliveries to people who need help. The packs will have sandwiches, cake, water and other fillers to help on a daily basis. Naturally we will continue this support as long as we are able with our food chain supply and considering any restrictions as they may evolve. For now we are really happy to help and do our bit for the town.” 

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