Toronto Wolfpack confirm plans for a UK Foundation

Toronto Wolfpack have announced plans for a UK based Foundation and Community Program. The program will seek to deliver positive outcomes in communities across the UK through the medium of rugby league, with the specific objective of putting rugby balls in kids’ hands.

The Wolfpack already deliver a significant community program at home in Toronto titled Full80. Deriving its name from the length of a rugby game, Full80 sees the Wolfpack host, attend or contribute to over 80 community events throughout the season in Canada. The program is aimed at making the community healthier and aware of the positive aspects of rugby league. 

The UK Foundation will now ensure the club contribute to the development of the sport in the UK as well as Canada, all year round. Speaking of the announcement, Toronto Wolfpack UK General Manager, Martin Vickers commented:

“Our work with the community at home in Toronto is something that were immensely proud of and now we’re pleased to announce plans to deliver similar projects in the UK.  

“There’s little doubt that by putting balls in kids’ hands we can stimulate the development of rugby league for future generations as well as do our part to grow healthier communities. As a new Super League Club we, along with our players and coaches, take our responsibility in this area very seriously.

“We believe that the Wolfpack brand as well as our stars on the field can draw people of all ages to engage with us not only in heartland areas but in new areas, currently beyond the reach of the sport. Part of this project will be to further our relationships with other expansion Clubs in the U.K. and to support their community efforts.”

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