Lions Sports Academy: Get stronger at home with our online training programmes

Do your children miss playing rugby? Lions Sports Academy from South West London have found the answer to filling that egg-shaped void!

Under usual circumstances Lions Sports Academy would be coaching over 5,000 children, across 18 rugby clubs and 22 schools, delivering strength and conditioning, rugby, cricket, netball and hockey sessions.

This, like the rugby season, has all been brought to a standstill due to the Coronavirus pandemic. However, it got them thinking; ‘How could we use our knowledge to help the rugby community during these uncertain times?’

Fortunately, thanks to their 240 strong network of expert coaches, it didn’t take them long to answer this question. Foundation Strength Online, an online coaching programme, is the result.

Here’s what one parent said about Foundation Strength Online, “Nick absolutely loved it! He is grinning from ear to ear!He said it was great fun and can’t single anything out because it was all awesome. High praise indeed!”

The programme has been designed to keep junior rugby players fit, strong and motivated through the lockdown. It will also prepare them for the new season and help reduce the chances of injury.

It will also help them work on valuable life skills such as discipline, goal setting and teamwork.

If you sign your children up now they will receive an online exercise plan, links to video tutorials for each exercise – so they can follow along – and a progress tracker. Through weekly progress tracking participants can monitor their development and see how they’ve improved.

There are also rewards up for grabs for those who improve the most! Lions offer support to those who sign up too. They will answer any questions a participant may have. Best of all, if you send them a video, they’ll give you pointers on how to improve.

In addition to all this, when you sign up, your young rugby players will get access to exclusive live online workouts. These group sessions are a great way to feel part of a team again, They’re also a chance to ask questions and get feedback from coaches.

The best thing is it is completely FREE to try out!