Swinton Lions RLFC strike partnership with Kano Lions of Nigeria

Swinton Lions RLFC has announced a new partnership with the Kano Lions of Nigeria as part of their community club development programme.

Swinton Director of Development Damian Ridpath revealed, “This again is an example of the new outwardly looking nature of our club. Swinton Lions have set out to support community clubs both at home and abroad over the last 12 months and we now welcome Kano into our family. We will look to share good practice and offer development support moving forward to the Kano branch of our pride of Lions.”

Swinton CEO Steve Wild added, “Our new partnership with the Kano Lions is tremendously exciting. We take very seriously our responsibility to advance the development of the sport, whether that’s within the UK or further afield. We now look forward to developing a close relationship with Kano, and setting some strategic goals which add genuine value to the partnership.”

Martin Crawford OBE, the Chairman of Kano Lions, was also thrilled with the new partnership. He said, “On behalf of Kano Lions and Kano Rugby League, I would like to express our excitement at the prospect of our partnership with Swinton Lions.

“The ancient city of Kano, located in Northern Nigeria, may be one thousand years old, but we are new to Rugby League. Therefore we stand to benefit greatly from a sporting and cultural collaboration with Swinton Lions who have been playing Rugby since 1866! The technical and organisational expertise that Swinton possess is exactly what we need to keep Kano at the top of the sport in Nigeria.

“Kano is the first team in the north, and the fourth team in Nigeria to be partnered with a UK professional Rugby League club thanks to the efforts of Nigeria Rugby League Association (NRLA). I can promise we will continue to work hard for success and to promote the sport among the young people of Kano.”

Source & Image: www.swintonlionsrlfc.co.uk