Company Name: MyoMaster



Address: Handlers Close, Molesey, London, KT8 2PA

Telephone number: 07894489776

About Us:

At MyoMaster, our aim is to support the recovery of athletes everywhere – making the best in sports recovery available to everyone, whatever their goal. We are proud to provide the latest cutting edge recovery products at exceptional value to make this a reality.

We work with only the best suppliers and with a team of advisors that include a number of professional athletes and leading physiotherapists, coaches and strength & conditioners.

We specialise in all aspects of sports recovery from the latest tools to compression clothing to support you as you strive to achieve your goals.

For us it’s about more than just the products, we want to arm you with all the knowledge you need to recover efficiently, prevent injury and train to the limit. Check out our video tutorials for advice and routines to support your recovery.

We are the official partner of Team Wiggins cycle group as well as many other athletes and teams. We have some of the top athletes in the world using MyoMaster to help them reach there performance goals.