Open Solutions


Company Name: Open Solutions



Address: Open Solutions International, Unit 2, Morley Business Centre, Morley Road, Tonbridge, TN9 1RA

Telephone number: 01732 367 227

About Us:

Although at heart we’re a software developer, everything always comes down to the quality of the human interaction we have with our customers. We also know that managing clubs successfully and profitably is now far more challenging, complex and data-driven.

Our business solutions offer clubs fully integrated packages (which for rugby clubs can include the RFU’s GMS) that enable managers to manage their membership and subscriptions with comprehensive reporting.

This in turn allows the clubs to provide their members not only with loyalty cards, but a native app that enables them to use their smartphones to check and top up their bar card account online, receive push notifications from the club, see the club’s latest news, other members’ contact details, and so on.

We do this by installing and supporting feature-rich EPoS & membership systems that enable club managers to enhance their membership services, generate additional income and strengthen their bottom line.